Welcome to the stream of consciousness for all of my ambient/atmospheric electronic music.


Be fre(e).

My second escape into Ableton’s Live. It is now my primary program, and I feel inspired again.

Thanks to 365 breaks for the beat. Check him out!


New blog.

So, i’ve got a new tumblr.

It’s for all my lyric related stuff.



Hello again to a new non-for profit mix of mine.
Coldplay’s beautiful track “Fix You.”
Here is a snippet!


This whole tumblr thing still gives me the headspins.

The learning curves for social networking sties are just huge these days.

Either that, or I am incredibly stupid.


One in a series of textured logo mats used for my Soundcloud tracks.


This is my instrumental cover of “Fireflies” by Owl City.
For those who dislike Adam Young’s voice (heresy I say!) this is for you!
I put my own spin on it with realistic drums and a more atmospheric feel.

Just pre-ordered this.